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COVID-19 Guidelines

Now is not the time..

We are all cautiously optimistic with the rolled out vaccination plan and the prospect of living without the anxiety imposed on us by covid-19.

Having said that, now is not the time to put our guard down. It is very important for us here at Skinsync to continue our strict adhesion to the highest hygiene standards now and even past the pandemic.

Here is a summary of our measures as a reminder.

  • We are in a private space, with zero foot traffic from outside.

  • There is no other entity or service provision within our space.

  • We continue to comply with Osha requirements and Hepa restrictions on hygiene and privacy.

  • We implement the highest levels of sanitation, and sterilization through autoclave equipment and medical-grade chemical disinfectants.

  • Our linen service is provided by a company that uses strict high heat and steam methods ensuring sterilization. They operate the most state of the art automated facilities in the industry.

  • We have increased the scheduling space between appointments to give us ample time to clean and disinfect thoroughly between clients.

  • The wider spacing between appointments will also make it very unlikely that you will be here at the same time with another client.

  • We, personally take excellent care of ourselves as well as take every precaution to ensure our wellness and that of our family’s, our friends’ and clients’.

Please stay well, stay safe and we are looking forward to continuing in keeping you beautiful,

All our best,

The Skin Sync Family


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