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Our Office

Our space lends itself beautifully to the care and safety of our clients and staff. Located on the 2nd floor, it is private and spacious.

Other than the actual services, it is very easy to keep social distancing guidelines in place. In addition, we only have one practitioner at a time working and one person at the front desk. We do our best to space our clients out, so they do not overlap, allowing them to have the space all to themselves.

Easy on the eye and comfortable, our office is equipped with appropriate air purifying units, UV-sanitizers, and sterilizers. All personal protective items, such as masks, gloves, face shields, and desk shields are always in place. It is of the utmost importance that all of us at SkinSync feel safe, protected, and well taken care of.


A safe and beautiful space for all of us

Come visit us!

What Our Clients Say

Five years ago, I hated looking in the mirror.  I’d keep the lights in the bathroom dim and I’d rush through my skincare and make-up routines.  I was not happy with the way that my skin looked and I was not seeing results from traditional facials at spas.  All of this changed when I met Penny.  From the minute we had our consult with the VISIA, I knew I was in the best hands.  The initial analysis set the course for how we would proceed and I have not wavered on my commitment to our plan.  As my skin continues to evolve, so too, does our program.  Penny regularly adapts our program based on how my skin is doing.  From the monthly buff and polish to quarterly peels, to effective medical-grade products, my skin has never looked better.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Penny for her commitment to my skin and my needs.  It has been a life-changing five years, and I will forever be grateful to Penny for helping me love the skin I am in!"


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