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Combining Skin Care Treatments - We've got this!

Combining different technologies and treatments has always been the corner stone of Skin Sync’s client care!

Our skin is after all a very complex, highly sophisticated system. With many different layers, each performs a different function, but come together just as an orchestra to play amazing music directed by a master maestro, our brain. Combination treatments work by addressing each layer and our skin as a whole. Layering and combining different high tech procedures address the top and deeper layers of the skin. So just 1 treatment may not show the best results you could possibly get. The combinations matter and in what order they are done.

Since we started this in 2008, it seems others eventually caught on. Many of the mainstream magazines, such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue, have recently featured different types of chemical peels, light and laser, or other facial treatments as recommended for overall health and wellness.

According to an InStyle magazine article entitled "How This Dermatologist Mastered the Art of Subtle Anti-Aging", Dr. Colbert explains how he combines multiple technologies to create his latest high-tech facial. Colbert says, “I thought if I do microdermabrasion first, it’ll make the lasers penetrate better. And then I can do a peel and a dose of LED.” The results immediately produce a smoother, tighter, more lifted look for the face. (See the link below to read more of the InStyle article.)

Just as combining treatments is essential to success, the proper order to how you layer products are vital. For information on layering, please read our last blog post entitled Layering 101.

Our promos, sales, and treatments are NOT to sell but are tried and true treatments that yield the best results for investing in your skin. You are worth it! We will help by preparing you the perfect recipe for success.

We’ve got this!


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