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Who's on first?

Who's on first?

The famous phrase does not only apply to baseball.

When it comes to skin care it can apply to the order that we layer our products, so it could more accurately be rephrased to: “What goes on first?”

Our skin is a highly sophisticated and organized system, but it is dealing with an equally organized, yet insidious enemy, the process of aging. Thus the need for different products with active ingredients designed to support all of our skin’s layers and functions. The method of application is what we refer to as layering.

So, what goes on first in the layering process? A good rule of thumb would be according to their texture and viscosity. The formula of the order would be:

  • Liquid

  • Clear / Milky Gel

  • Lotion

  • Cream

Here are examples of a routine after cleansing:

☀️ Morning routine

  • Toner Liquid

  • Serum (Clear/Milky Gel) - Preferably an antioxidant.

  • Moisturizer (Lotion)

  • Sunscreen (Lotion/Cream)

🌙 Nighttime Routine

  • Toner (Liquid)

  • Retinol (Clear/Milky Gel)

  • Night Serum (Clear/Milky Gel)

  • Night Cream (Cream)

In a future blog, we’ll consider eye products and neck creams. There is a useful

application formula to get the most out of those, shall we say... sizable investments.

For a customized skincare routine, check out our Vizia Digital Skin Analysis Tool.

Even though our Visia photographs and skin analysis are not a treatment per se, they are the foundation of every recommendation and systematic approach that we offer our clients. It offers us measured benchmarks to ensure that they reach their skincare goals and full potential.


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